{Make it Quick} T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Necklace


Ages ago I got a skein of T-Shirt yarn and a lovely 15mm wooden crochet hook when I subscribed to Mollie Makes magazine. Until now I’ve never got round to doing anything with it but I rediscovered them in my wool stash and decided to try making an idea I’ve had bubbling away for a while.

This DIY to make a crochet necklace is really quick – it takes about 10 minutes  – and has the added bonus that it’s totally baby proof. Yeah, I know, I’m sneaking in another baby-themed make, but hopefully you’ll like it if you’re not a mum or mum-to-be!

What You Need:

  • T-Shirt Yarn (mine is from We are Knitters, as is the hook)
  • A 15mm crochet hook.

How to Make it:

UK crochet stitches

  • ch – chain
  • htr – half treble crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  1. Leave a long tail (this will make one end of your necklace) then attach the yarn to your crochet hook using a slip knot.
  2. ch 12. Turn.
  3. htr into the third ch from the hook then htr across to the end of the chain. Turn.
  4. sl st back across to the other end of the piece. Fasten off.
  5. Cut a tail to make the other end of the necklace.


You can always add a couple of wooden beads if you like or just tie the necklace and wear it.

I hope you liked this quick necklace DIY. I’m off to go and plan some other fun crochet projects using T-Shirt yarn. I’ve got to say I enjoyed using the large hook (although I think it will take a bit of getting used to!).


Have you make anything with T-Shirt yarn either knitting or crochet? I would love to hear about them.

Lots of T-shirt love,



{Giveaway} JewelleryMaker Gemstone Bracelet Kit


Jewellery making is never something I’ve ever really tried, save for the odd necklace here and there.

Therefore when I was asked if I would like to test drive and review one of Jewellery Maker‘s bracelet kits I said yes, plus I managed to snag an extra one to giveaway to one lucky reader too!

More on the giveaway soon, but first to my review and guide to making your own bracelet.


How Easy is it to Make?

Pretty Easy

  • I chose the Silver Plated Mixed Gemstone Bracelet Kit and my first impression was that the box was small but it was packed full of pieces!
  • You do need a pair of round nose pliers though to make this bracelet, which are not included.
  • All of the gemstones already have wire threaded through them which I thought was good, as I bet that’s a fiddly task.


How to Make it

  • Instructions are included but they really are simple.
  • Basically, you open a jump ring with your pliers, slide on a gemstone, attach the jump ring to the bracelet then close the jump ring.
  • Repeat for as many gemstones as you want.
    Gemtones-in-my-hand---Beak-Up-Crafts JewelleryMaker-gemstones---Beak-Up-Crafts

So what did I think?

I think this kit is great if you’re a beginner (but don’t forget to buy pliers if you’re giving it as a gift to someone). If you’re more advanced or have done jewellery making before I would say it’s probably a bit basic. Once you’ve added a couple of gemstones there’s nothing else to know, although make sure you close your jump rings tightly as any slight gap will see the gemstone fall off as the wire holding them is so fine.


My only quibble would be that the bracelet/bangle itself is a slightly unusual design. I would have preferred a single bracelet with a fastening, but that’s just my personal style.

All in all I enjoyed making my gemstone bracelet that I might save a couple of the gemstones and make a matching necklace!



If you would like to win your own Silver Plated Mixed Gemstone Bracelet Kit then just fill in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway closes on July 23 at midnight and I will use Rafflecopter to pick an entry at random. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you tried making jewellery from a kit before or is it something you would like to have a go at? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of gemstone love,





Disclaimer: I was gifted the jewellery kits for the purposes of this post, but all opinions are my own. Giveaway only open to UK entrants.

Gloriously Glitzy Tatty Devine Workshop

Tatty Devine workshop

Sparkles, mini crowns and a cocktail stick covered in beeswax: What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Wayne and I were in London for a friend’s secret 30th birthday celebrations this weekend but before the big surprise in the evening (a brilliant night at Wimbledon dogs) we both took the opportunity to do something a bit different.

For Wayne, that meant watching Leeds play Brentford (and tick off Griffin Park from his list of football grounds he’s visited) while I spent some time playing with gemstones and creating my own piece of Tatty Devine jewellery. While Leeds came away empty-handed and on the wrong end of a 2-0 defeat, I left with a cool sparkly crown pendant so I think I got the better deal to be honest.

Tatty Devine workshop

I’d wanted to go on a Tatty Devine jewellery making class for ages but always seem to be a) busy or b) unable to afford the ridiculous train fares to London when they are on.

However, this September marked 15 years since Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden launched the British brand, which has brought banana pendants and oversized sparkly lobster necklaces to life along with countless other brilliant conversation pieces. To celebrate, each Saturday and Sunday in the month they offered the chance to decorate your own necklace in their shop at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank.

Tatty Devine workshop

There were five designs to choose from but I picked the crown and off I went, showering myself in sparkles like an over-zealous magpie.

How it worked:

Armed with a mock-up picture of my crown and blob of beeswax on the end of a cocktail stick (the secret weapon for picking up the mini gems) I set about creating my design. Too much sparkle, so little time.

Tatty Devine workshop

Once I was set on my design, it was glue time. The glue took 15 mins to dry so there was chance to move things round a bit using the pointy end of the cocktail stick. Handy really as it can be a bit tricky to get them in the right place.
The only other thing needed was a bit of patience as some of them gems are really mini, but I think it did OK!

Tatty Devine workshop - my finished crown

I’m really pleased with my crown and I’ve added it to my ever-increasing Tatty Devine collection.

Sadly these workshops have finished now but if team Tatty ever decide to do anymore I would really recommend it as it’s great fun, you get a piece of jewellery that’s unique to you and at £15 it’s a bit of a bargain. I’m not-so-secretly keeping my fingers crossed that they decide to take their jewellery making classes on the road, like to Leeds for example…

Have you ever been to a Tatty Devine jewellery class or do you fancy going to one? I would love to hear all about it!

Anyway, I’m off to pretend that I’m a queen in my new crown necklace and practice my royal wave.

Lots of regal love,