{Free Wallpaper} May-Day Ribbons

hi res ribbons - Beak Up Crafts

For this month’s free wallpaper download I’ve gone for this colourful but simple May Day ribbons design. Let’s all put out floppy sun hats and pretty dresses on and head to the village green for a bit of dancing around the maypole. Not that I’ve ever done that, but I kind of like the idea.

Anyway! If you’ve like to download this for your phone then please click here then simply save the image and choose it as your wallpaper.

I hope you have lots of lovely plans for the month of May. Wayne and I are off to Scotland for a few days later in the month which I’m really looking forward to and our 20-month baby scan is coming up too. Exciting times!

Lots of pretty ribbon love,


{Free Phone Wallpaper} April Easter Eggs

Easter eggs illustration

It’s time for another free phone wallpaper and for this month I’ve gone pastel egg crazy!

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and didn’t eat too much chocolate. Well the good news is that these eggs don’t have any calories and will last a whole month. I hope you like them!

To download your free wallpaper just click on this link and save the picture to your phone.

Lots of April love,


{Free Wallpaper} March ~ Springtime Flowers

March flower wallpaper - Beak Up Crafts

For me, March is all about spring flowers and bright pops of colour, so for this month’s free phone wallpaper I’ve gone flower crazy. I hope you like it!

While these flowers might not be officially ones you see in spring, I think it’s nice to think of warmer times so I hope you will give me a bit of artistic licence!

Spring flowers wallpaper - Beak Up Crafts

To download a free wallpaper for your phone please click here.

What does March mean to you?

Lots of springtime love,


{Free Wallpaper} February Love Hearts and Succulents

Hearts-and-Succulents-Wallpaper-for-iPad - Beak Up Crafts

I know this might sound like a bit of an odd combo but hopefully when I tell you the reasons behind my hearts and succulents design you will understand!

Last February Wayne and I got married at Rudding Park in Harrogate. It was a gorgeous day and I can’t believe we are rapidly closing in on our first anniversary already! Seriously, the year has gone so fast!

So getting married and memories of a love-filled day accounts for the hearts, but what about the succulents? Well, maybe it’s a bit unusual but I had some succulents in my wedding bouquet. I wanted a bouquet that was a bit different with lots of texture and the lovely florist Colette used a combination of white and peach roses, brunnia, blue hyacinths, lisianthus and eucalyptus leaves with a few succulents to get the effect.

My-wedding-flowers- succulents brunnia roses hyacinths--Beak-Up-Crafts

I loved it (although it weighed an absolute ton!) and I really wish to this day that I had saved the succulents from my bouquet and tried to propagate them as I think that would have been a lovely keepsake.

As it is, nearly one year on I thought I would try and capture my memories from the day (and new-found love of succulents!) in my wallpaper design for February.

So here you are, a free downloadable love hearts and succulents design which you can get here, for both your phone and tablet:

Hearts and Succulents – Phone Wallpaper

Hearts and Succulents – Tablet Wallpaper

I hope you like it! As always, please feel free to share on Twitter, Instagram, your own blog or Facebook – you can even give that there image a good old Pin – but please just make sure you mention me and link back to this page! Thank you!

So what does February mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of succulent love,





These wallpapers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

{Free Wallpaper} Get Motivated for January

Consume Less Create More hi-res - Beak Up Crafts

Each month I’m going to share a free downloadable phone wallpaper which links to the month or season. I’m going to digitally hand draw each one, use some typography or one of my photographs and I hope you enjoy them and use them on your phone!

I also thought it would be nice to share what each month means to me and talk a bit about what else is going on in my life away from this blog. Sound good? Ace.

The lovely Fran at Fall for DIY is also doing something similar as every month she’s going to be sharing a DIY to make a cool phone case and a bit about her feelings towards each month. We thought it would be nice to collaborate and work in tandem so hopefully with Fran’s cases and my wallpaper, we’ve got your phones covered for the whole year! To check out her case for January please head here – cool don’t you think?!

I’ve got to admit that I’ve got mixed feelings as far as January is concerned. On one hand I love the fresh impetus a new year brings and it usually fills me with motivation, but on the other hand, the weather is lousy, days are cold, dark and grey and I’m longing for a bit of sunshine.

Therefore with this month’s wallpaper I’ve decided to pick the more positive of these and go for a motivational phrase (which hopefully isn’t too cheesy) to kick things off. You can download it in the right resolution for your phone here.

It’s best to start the year how we mean to go on and the mantra of ‘Consume Less, Create More’ couldn’t ring truer for me at the moment as I’m in the *very* early stages of launching my own small business. Watch this space!

So what does January mean to you? I’d love to hear what your plans are for the year.

Lots of new year love,