Highly volatile slots are trendy at the moment. You can see a lot of these games being listed in the different online casinos most popular lists.

We have listed the best and most entertaining highly volatile slots for you. Some of these slots are classics that we and a lot of other players still play often and some of the games listed below are quite new releases.

Keep in mind that playing on highly volatile slots is risky and you might experience long stretches of no wins happening. You have been warned!

Some of these highly volatile games are restricted from being used together with a just click for source due to the high liability and loss that the casinos can be facing. Never play for more money than what you can afford to lose. Set up proper bankroll and time restrictions for yourself and stop best high volatility slots if it stops being fun.

It was released back in by game provider NetEnt. Even so, Dead or Alive is a very popular slot game among casino players still today because of its super highly volatile setting and therefore potential epic big wins. It has a Wild West theme and the biggest action can happen during the free spins feature.

This free spins feature is triggered when you get 3 or more gun symbols appearing on the reels. Only two of the scatter symbols appeared this time.

You need 3 of these to activate the free spins feature. Best high volatility slots the Dead or Alive free spin mode you have the possibility to win super big by triggering off the sticky wild feature. This happens when the wanted posters become sticky and act as a wild during the rest of the free spins. The biggest win that we have seen on the Dead or Alive slot was of 12, times the player's stake per spin.

This is most probably around the absolute maximum possible win at this slot as well. Note that best high volatility slots online casinos have restricted Dead or Best high volatility slots from best high volatility slots used together with a bonus.

Simple, you can win BIG wins click this casino slot.

Raging Rhino that is created by game provider Williams WMS is available both online and in many land-based casinos. The biggest wins can happen through the games free spins feature though. You activate the free spins feature by getting at least 3 diamond symbols somewhere on the reels during the main game.

You can also trigger off even more free spins during the free spins mode by getting 2 or more diamonds to appear again on the reels. The really big wins will happen when you manage to get some wilds on the reels that act as multipliers together with as many Rhinos as possible on the screen.

Example of a decent 32 x the stake win. More rhinos please click for source multipliers needed for the really big wins. Remember that Raging Rhino is a super high volatile game so looong stretches without any decent wins can happen from time to time. Bonanza that was released in is one of our overall favourite games from one of our favourite game providers - Big Time Gaming. This slot is quite different or even considered a bit crazy.

It has apps with sign bonus mining theme and the reel structure stands out in this one. Bonanza has 6 reels and each reel can have up to 7 symbols.

This Big Time gaming slot has something called the Megawin feature which can offer up towinning combinations. The big wins can be won from the free spins feature that is triggered when you land the letters G, O, L, D on the reels. Example of a x the stake win from the Bonanza free spins feature. Keep in mind that the game is highly volatile though. But sometimes you can win really big.

Another high volatile slot from game provider BTG. Feel free to give Bonanza ago, you probably never seen anything like it. As the best high volatility slots indicates, best high volatility slots casino slot is HOT! Both in terms of high volatility and also in popularity among the online casino players. Extra Chilli is another one of our top favourite high volatile and also overall casino slots at the moment. The developers and brains behind this casino slot are the game provider Big Time Gaming that keeps delivering quality slots these last years.

Extra Chilli was released in April This means that on each spin you will have a different amount of ways to win all the way up toEach spin will have different amounts of ways to win. The reason is that best high volatility slots number of symbols shown in each reel will be different on each spin. Big wins - Extra Chilli is a high volatile best high volatility slots and the potential big wins can be massive and up to more than 10, times your bet best high volatility slots spin.

Massive potential wins available but remember that this slot is highly volatile so even though you can win huge amounts, in theory, most players will end up with absolutely nothing in the end. The Free spins feature - The potentially biggest wins can happen during the free spins mode and there are some very interesting features around the free spins mode available in this slot. First of all, the way to trigger of the free spins mode in the normal way is to land the gold symbols H, O, T somewhere on the reels at the same time.

This will give you a total of 8 free spins. However, best high volatility slots you are in a gambling mood, you can take a chance and get even more free spins or in worst case lose them all even before the feature have started. The letters H, O, T finally appearing on the reels and activates the free spins feature. The free spins gamble feature - During normal circumstances when you are playing slot games, you would be very pleased to activate the free spins feature.

You will be satisfied to see it being activated on Extra Chilli as well BUT the difference in this slot and a few other Big Time Gaming slots is that you are given the possibility to gamble with your free spins before the feature have even started. You clever and evil guys at Big Time Gaming! So how does this gamble feature work?

You got 8 free spins activated, would you visit web page to gamble and try to increase this to 8 instead but at the same risk to loose the 8 free spins that you currently have?

The choice is yours and if you decide to gamble and win an added 4 free spins to your current 8, you can gamble again! A total of 4 times if you want to try to gamble all the way. So the maximum free spins best high volatility slots you can gamble all your way up to is 24 free spins. As you can see below, during the first and the second gamble your risk is that you can lose all your free spins. On gamble 3 and 4 you have some free spins saved though even if you lose the gamble.

Gamble up to 4 times and win up to 24 free spins. You can now choose to play these or gamble for more. Gamble 3: You have a 16 free spins at the moment. Win and you have a total of 20 free spins. Lose and you play with 8 free spins. Should you gamble or not? Well, that best high volatility slots depends on how your session is going, what kind of bankroll you are playing with best high volatility slots if best high volatility slots want to make this highly volatile game even more volatile.

Since each win during the free spins round will increase your multiplier amount, the more free spins you have, the more big wins you could potentially win if you manage to increase your multiplier best high volatility slots to higher amounts. Feature best high volatility slots - Are you tired of waiting for the free spins feature to be activated?

Fine, buy them instead! Yes, you read that correctly. Best high volatility slots Extra Chilli slot gives you the option to buy the free spins feature instead of waiting for it to happen. This feature drop that will activate the free spins mode will cost you 50 x your bet per spin. Note that the free spins gamble feature will be an option also when you buy the free spins. High volatile? The theme - Extra Chilli takes place in a Mexican food market so the theme and soundtrack have Mexican influences.

For some reason, there are quite a lot of popular Mexican themed casino slots out there click. Number 5 in our Top 10 best high volatile slots list is White Rabbit that is another casino slot game from one of our favourite game best high volatility slots - Big Best high volatility slots Gaming. They are really best high volatility slots it at the moment!

The graphics and the game feel is just outstanding in this casino slot that was released in November The RTP is a good You will also notice this by the characters shown in the game. Best high volatility slots Rabbit also has the Big Time Gaming Megaways game machine built into it and this means that you can have up best high volatility slotsways to win per spin in this slot game. White Rabbit also has the feature drop mechanism available where you can buy your free spins feature instead of waiting around for it.

In this casino slot, it will cost you x your decided stake. It will cost you times your stake to buy the best high volatility slots spins feature in the White Rabbit slot game. The big wins can happen in the free spins mode but since the RTP is set up to The option is there and the choice is yours. During the free spins mode, you want to see loads of cupcakes. The reason is that each time you land a cupcake during the free spins, the reels will expand and this can happen until a specific reel has 12 symbols.

If you reach the 12 symbols on a reel you will also activate the re-trigger function where you can get even more free spins. A cupcake appeared on reel six and expands the reel to include 8 symbols during the remaining free spins. During the end of the free spins feature, you can see that reel 5 can lucky eagle casino covid 19 congratulate expanded to include 10 symbols.

Another very exciting and well-made high volatile casino slot from Big Best high volatility slots Gaming.