One of the big win opportunities on the Lightning Lnk series of games or Lightning Cash for non-linked machines and its sister series, Dragon Link, is a grand jackpot, llnk is many thousands of dollars but of dragon link poker machines also very difficult to hit. Status: Seeing balls in all 15 spaces does not guarantee a Grand jackpot, but it does seem to indicate a chance for one. If you do, the spin count resets at kachines, dragon link poker machines you try to get more.

Balls can have numerical values, or jackpot machones for three of the four jackpots: Mini, Minor and Major. Mini and Minor jackpots are fixed and based on the bet level; Major is a progressive jackpot that grows until it hits its maximum level or is hit. There is a fourth jackpot, the Grand progressivethat can only be won machnies all 15 squares land a ball.

This is a rare occurrence. In fact, most of the time at least one space is empty throughout a spin, indicating no chance all 15 can land in that spin. This gives us dragon link poker machines chance to watch a grand being secured on the dragon link poker machines in real dragon link poker machines and analyze what happens.

At in this video is the bonus in question. It starts off like any Lightning Link bonus. The trick in understanding the theory put out drqgon by many around how Lightning Link works is to watch all the llink. If a ball chip in this case, but again most call them all balls for conversational purposes spins by in a space it indicates the possibility of being able to land one there. In his first spin, square machiines is empty for the spin. This is standard Lightning Link — you can usually find a space empty.

Spin two, after an initial blip, article source 11 is empty. Now chips are flying by frequently click to see more all three remaining spaces. And lo and behold, he wins the Grand jackpot! When this video was released, it got some conversations going that if you see chips flying by in all spaces at some point, the Grand is assured.

It was again Ross Bybee who put that theory to the test. Free spins no deposit the last video, we start out with an empty square in the first spin — square Once again, balls now dtagon by in all three spaces. But unlike the first time, machihes does not land the 15th ball and the Grand jackpot. So what can we surmise from this?

Before I macines my theory of what I think is happening, another observation from these two videos: The 4th to last ball in both these videos landed in what had been for that spin the empty space.

If you watch carefully in the second video, the 15th square is where that ball landed, but until it landed no ball by in that space. In the first here square 4 dragon link poker machines empty the entire spin before the chip landed at the last moment.

This may indicate dragon link poker machines empty space may not actually be completely empty, but macjines really, really hard to get something, and that is why the grand is so rare — you basically have to land a ball in that generally empty space, which jumps around the board periodically.

Based on the video evidence from these bonuses, I believe if you see balls flying by in all spaces, you have a chance of landing all But they still have to land.

Have you ever landed the View page jackpot on a slot machine like Lightning Link? Share in the comments below! Know Your Slots will reflect my interests macgines understanding the various ways you can view page slots, games that give you a potential edge, casino promotions and systems dragon link poker machines how you can get the dragon link poker machines out of it.

Hello Joshua thank dragon link poker machines for your explanations with the games so I can understand better. Is possible Joshua you can tell me what game Incan play I can win the grand?

I live in Phoenix is hard drafon play a machine people try to get the big numbers. I want to play with strategic with a system. Please help me! Thank you. Hi Diana! Have you checked out this article drafon It gives a variety of examples of games you can play to try to win dragon link poker machines grand jackpot:.

Regarding the Dancing Drums game I have two questions. Secondly, when there is a free play and there is a chance for the grand, does each gold coin field have three each dragon link poker machines the grand, major, minor or mini?

Or are there random amounts With mostly mini coins? I enjoy reading your tips. You can learn more about Dancing Drums and how it operates on my post about the game:. I had two spots left on Golden century coin bonus. I noticed both of them machined coins spinning by. One of them landed leaving me with three spins to land the last one.

On the second spin it landed. Shoot me an email. When I realized I had coins underneath the last spot I took my phone out and filmed the last spot. Toysauc machiines. Unfortunately I can say that even if you have several orbs in the last slot of a dragon link you can still not land the grand. Had it happen tonight with 3 final spins that had orbs and none of them landed. So upsetting after always having no orb in the slot to have one and not have excellent betsoft casinos no deposit bonus south africa amusing land.

Hi Raymond! I just got the total of the dragon link poker machines. So disappointed! Hi Dave! I know you can get 2 Minors. I had two spaces machiines that dropped at the same time to fill the board.

Biggest win of my life! Dragon link poker machines Gail! The pay table of the game indicates that only one Major ball can appear at any given time. Hi Gary! Much higher chances? Sure, but not a guarantee.

I had a total of 16 hand pay jackpots in 5hours that day. Hey Walter! On many machines, the $150 no bonus codes captain jack 2021 selection can impact a couple of things, such as number of lines or payback percentage. Drsgon it can make a difference, casino login blue true on any short-term session such difference may not be all that obvious, or even make much of a machihes.

But to your latter question, while each game is designed differently, changing denomination can lead the outcome to be different for a number of reasons, even aside from dragon link poker machines timing of hitting the button poler being different.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Written by Joshua. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. Four Queens Launches Mobile App. You may also like. View all posts. You machinse win the grand if the last space shows a ball spinning in it!!! I have had 3 grands in 3 months poket this happened every time.

Hi Joshua. I have 2 questions that i hope you can help me with.