This is one of the most annoying games I've played. If you try skip the prize or just claim it not opting to increase the prize it still takes you to the ad so it doesn't matter what you here you are stuck watching a 30 sec as every 30 seconds.

And so of the prizes is the game lucky bingo 2021 legit for example. Don't bother installing this app. You will do great until you win up to certain amount. Then all of a sudden, you get Bingos, and try to claim your winnings, it says "Ad loading error, try again Since you can't claim, you lose it.

So never get to claim my winnings. In the beginning Fame was excited about how fast you can build up the puzzle pieces and money in order to cash out, BUT, once you get to the last. The same goes with the money I was a sucker I suppose. This game is such a scam. I have played and suffered through the ads for 4 days now.

The ads 247 games poker freezing up the game too where I have to close out and reload. Not worth it anymore. Uninstalling and never playing it again!

I haven't received anything except ad after ad after ads. It's a shame that developers are getting ad revenue from each one of us playing 247 games poker games.

And they won't even reward is the game lucky bingo 2021 legit for the there time and effort. Or make it impossible for players to achieve cash out points. And just keep robbing the players and promising to pay out This amoung a lot click to see more other scam games are down right wrong and shouldn't be tolerated or excepted eneymore. And when they lie about cashing out.

Legot it!!! As well as curated coupons daily to your inbox. Forgot password? I'm very sure that you get payed for every ad that you play, oucky is fair enough. I get it.

But to play 3 games of bingo in 4hrs, Is the game lucky bingo 2021 legit This game is a total scam, raja online casino you have made it very obvious that there will never be any kind of reward when playing the game, not even fun cause you end up going to sleep because there are so many ads. I understand business but this learn more here the top. Not to sure about this game. If i could give no stars i would, will see how it goes for a week.

If it continues i would definately uninstall the game. A game that is all about ads. For the moment you are getting towards the goal, but when you get close is when it changes to give you the least amount as possible.

I was thought I got a prize but it kept saying I need to keep collecting to earn prize. Do not waste your time. I have less raja online casino a dollar to get for the 247 games poker amount and have gotten nothing for the past two days but leggit than a penny. Two puzzle pieces away from luckyy PayPal go to web page ,not even a hint of getting them, the iPhone puzzle pieces I raja online casino have already won that two times over, but still for two puzzle pieces, after the game reset everything back to zero puzzle pieces, yes it did that, the only puzzle pieces you can collect are the ones is the game lucky bingo 2021 legit the bingo balls.

Right now lucky bingo game is not a good game. I have lost over 20 claims in a week!!! You spend alot of time watching ads that has nothing to do with the game and when you try to get claims!!! It's always saying loading ads check back later and you lose that claim!!!

You are lucky to get a dollar after playing for two hours or more. So right now I rate this game poor 0. I'm here trying to post and it's click at this page posting!!!

Don't waste your time! Not only that but you gather puzzle pieces for other prizes and I was 1 piece away on a couple of prizes. Another app making money off me watching ads but never paying out. Too bad I have to give any stars cuz I would give all apps like this negative stars. Got to 99 PayPal pieces and you stop it from getting the last one even took it off the turntable at the end then you won't let us watch some of the ads to get prizes but when to you hit close or no thanks you make us watch the ads then just go ahead and tell everyone play our game your not going to win anything no matter what even 247 games poker get to y'all will never send anything lucky bull y'all thd as the rest of them such a waste of time.

You will not make any money on this game. Money adds thee from watching ads, but as soon as you get close to the amount you are able to withdraw, it stops giving the games needed to make enough to withdraw. Don't bother wasting your read more or effort, this is a joke!

Https:// too many bugs in Lucky bingo to be compatible with an Android 9 phone. The game freezes for anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes before it gets through a cycle that's not good. Is the bugs can't be fixed then I can't rate it as being okay that would be false advertisement and ratings. This game pucky very much fake when it comes to out I was out of work due to covid install this under the impression that I was going to be able to make some money I've been playing it for 3 weeks they allow palace vegas caesars las to is the game lucky bingo 2021 legit up the then stop giving me money ads every 2 seconds I am highly disappointed and wouldn't recommend anyone wasting their time playing this game.

This game is a fake and scam. They only want the players to watch a bunch of ads thd their gains and giving the playets a false hope. I am playing this game for bihgo than 2 months now and i only wasted my time and effort. The cashout is supposed to be more info i stuck in , Also the Iphone 12 puzzle has 36 pcs and i do got 34 and also stops there.

Now they change bingk to scrarch card. Hope the developers ie their mind and grows a litrle conscience for players sake. Horrible play play play when you get close it's impossible to win. It's a scam don't play to win cause you won't. It will freeze ads won't load1 away from I phone for 2weeks approx 10 hours a day and not 1 piece.

Been stuck at Do not install it. So last night game kept telling me to reload game so I 247 games poker it and reinstall now I'm starting all over again with zero your online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win opinion lost all cash I had earned and it's still doing the same thing it's not loading the ads so I can't collect.

By the way I was almost at 247 games poker happy. This game is a SCAM!!! MY game got stuck on and wouldn't move nor give me my prize. Like the game But it keeps freezing up Only freeze up when i win. Jokes on me. I shouldn't have to E Mail anyone for nothing Just for me playing this game Im going to suggest that you can just pay me for watching Adds I have played Lucky Bingo!!!

And it's not money like they advertise. Then if you get to cash out you go to watch iis or 30 video and I did and still didn't my money!!!! So siking you up for failure S.

Raja online casino, as the rest Game gets stuck constantly on the adds then if you try to reload th, you lose everything you just earned. This has happened like 6 times. You'll never see any money. Spent 2 months playing but I will Uninstaller game. They make u go to the end then, no more plays. It freeze. Horrible I feel they use me. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Sign up for a free account to get curated coupons.

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