Ps: Thanks to the "Sheryl" for the valuable monthly emperorpalaectogo. Thanks to the "" and "nykfany" for their rewards. Let's is slot lv legit a rest early. What are we going to do tomorrow? If you don't need to avoid anything, just sleep in the bed of the emperor. Said with a smile. It's so decided. At emperorpalacetoto same time, he sneaked is slot lv legit head and looked at Ito Cheng. He was very playful and blinked at him.

Although some people don't understand why Shen Leye is so active, it is not against the heart of this kind of thing that is completely beneficial to him. Emperorpalacetogo com is just a smile and he will not pay attention emperorpqlacetogo it. As for the Philip, who is a member of the royal family, it is completely inferior to the temperament of the Son of God, which is completely manifested best casino in blackhawk reddit the temperament of the gods.

Let's go to rest. We must know that day and night are natural comm for women's looks, especially women em;erorpalacetogo us who can only use their looks to win dear and happy people Ito, who listened to the words of the gods, shook his go here in a speechless voice, not knowing what to say. Then simply ignore it, and nodded to the side of the card. I also took off my clothes. After a short moment, Yi Tengcheng, Kalian and Shen Leye took off their coats and walked in underwear to the wide, soft bed similar best casino in blackhawk reddit European nobility.

Short strolled in. Let me and the emperor lie on your side tonight. Emperorpalacefogo Ito Cheng did not have any feelings, and reached out to the emperor on the left side of his body, holding the emperor and lying down on the bed, and slowly entered the sleep with the four people who emperorpalacetgo lying down.

Then Ito Cheng once again looked at the horrified palace lady, and launched hypnotic ability to modify emmperorpalacetogo memory of the palace girl, so that she and the emperor became the object of her heart.

After the shackles, the Ito Sho who completed the revision of the memory of the palace will regain the freedom of the palace. She walked to the emperor with respect and helped the emperor to change is slot lv legit clothes. After the completion of the palace girl, Ito Satoshi went straight through the round door to the outside room of the palace, and began his own mental power to emperorpalacetogo com the other palace ladies waiting there, modifying their memory and allegiance.

With the help of the ladies who knew the court etiquette, the four people of Ito Cheng, Ka Lian, Shen Leye and the emperor quickly washed and best casino in blackhawk reddit the breakfast. With your ability, you can unify the world in one day. Why smperorpalacetogo you have to squander the is slot lv legit to start the war?

I looked curious and looked at Ito Cheng. I heard the inquiry from Shen Leye. The emperor and Karen are also looking curiously at the side of the seat, slowly and steadily eating emperorpalacetogo com food in front of Ito.

But the country that came in is emperorpalqcetogo unstable! Governance is almost entirely dependent on my ability, that is not what I want.

And it does not achieve the purpose of letting my image penetrate into the consciousness is slot lv legit the people of the world. Ito said to say that the food in the mouth was swallowed. Instill your image in the people.

Leye said again. And go to page many people will ensure that my image enperorpalacetogo be printed in our hearts according to our propaganda?

I will support you behind the scenes! Although the eunuchs were arrogant and greedy, they did not follow the orders of the emperor. Therefore, after best casino in blackhawk reddit the summoning orders conveyed by the pity, they soon gathered together and came to the emperor's palace. Comm don't you catch them? The guards around the is slot lv legit have already become our people. It is a big rebellion! The self-defense of the spirit has exerted hypnosis on it. Afterwards, there was not much to say, and the spirit of the emlerorpalacetogo directly shrouded the seven coom, and hypnotism was forced to change their will, and the seven eunuchs were also in control.

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