{DIY} Papercut Valentines Day Card


Are you planning on sending any Valentine’s Cards this year? If so then read on! If not, then here’s a picture of a kitten hugging a puppy:

kitten hugging a puppy

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I like the idea of a handmade card, especially for Valentine’s Day, as it has that extra special personal touch. This year I’ve decided to make one for Wayne as it’s going to be our first one as a married couple. Time to step it up I reckon.


I’ve created this free template if you fancy having a go at making your own papercut Valentine’s Day card too.

If you haven’t done any papercutting before you might just want to give it a try on normal copier paper first, but I’ve avoided circles (as these are tricky!) so hopefully cutting this design out will be a breeze!

What You Need:


  • The design template
  • Two card blanks
  • Red paper
  • A craft knife
  • A self-healing mat
  • A pencil
  • Glue (a pritt stick or something similar)
  • Washi tape (optional)

How to Make it:

  1. Print off the template directly onto the red paper (I drew mine by hand then created the template for you guys!). The design you will download is in reverse so you don’t see any remainder of the lines when you’ve finished cutting it out.
  2. Cut out the design. Start by cutting out the pieces inside of the design as this will make it easier for yourself with less flimsy bits. Try to cut towards yourself at a 45 degree angle – you will have to keep moving the paper to make sure you are cutting at this angle – but this should make things easier for you.
    Love---Papercut---Beak-Up-CraftsUse your fingers in your non-cutting hand to hold the paper down while you cut to stop it from snagging.
  3. Once you have cut out the design, turn the papercut the right way around. Place the papercut on the card and with a pencil draw around the edge of the heart.
  4. Cut the heart out of your card blank.
  5. Your red papercut heart is slightly bigger than in the card. Either tape it down with washi tape or glue around the edges and stick it into place on the inside of your card.
  6. Cut your second card blank in half and draw around the edge of the heart you have just cut out.
  7. Cut out this heart then glue it to the inside of your card to conceal where you have stuck down the red paper.
  8. Let the glue dry then write your message!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and have fun making cards for your loved ones!

Lots of paper heart love,



{Free Wallpaper} February Love Hearts and Succulents

Hearts-and-Succulents-Wallpaper-for-iPad - Beak Up Crafts

I know this might sound like a bit of an odd combo but hopefully when I tell you the reasons behind my hearts and succulents design you will understand!

Last February Wayne and I got married at Rudding Park in Harrogate. It was a gorgeous day and I can’t believe we are rapidly closing in on our first anniversary already! Seriously, the year has gone so fast!

So getting married and memories of a love-filled day accounts for the hearts, but what about the succulents? Well, maybe it’s a bit unusual but I had some succulents in my wedding bouquet. I wanted a bouquet that was a bit different with lots of texture and the lovely florist Colette used a combination of white and peach roses, brunnia, blue hyacinths, lisianthus and eucalyptus leaves with a few succulents to get the effect.

My-wedding-flowers- succulents brunnia roses hyacinths--Beak-Up-Crafts

I loved it (although it weighed an absolute ton!) and I really wish to this day that I had saved the succulents from my bouquet and tried to propagate them as I think that would have been a lovely keepsake.

As it is, nearly one year on I thought I would try and capture my memories from the day (and new-found love of succulents!) in my wallpaper design for February.

So here you are, a free downloadable love hearts and succulents design which you can get here, for both your phone and tablet:

Hearts and Succulents – Phone Wallpaper

Hearts and Succulents – Tablet Wallpaper

I hope you like it! As always, please feel free to share on Twitter, Instagram, your own blog or Facebook – you can even give that there image a good old Pin – but please just make sure you mention me and link back to this page! Thank you!

So what does February mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of succulent love,





These wallpapers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.