Nursery Makeover: From unloved junk room to baby ready!


Our smallest bedroom has undergone a total transformation in the last few months. We started it before we found out I was pregnant and it was going to be my craft room, but that all changed the day we saw two lines on a pregnancy test.

The room itself was totally unloved. It was the last room in the house to be redecorated and we kind of hadn’t bothered as instead it became an easy dumping ground for all sorts of things we didn’t want to get rid of but didn’t know where else to put.

The Big Facelift

After a severe spell of decluttering (not just in that room but in our whole house) we emptied it out and were ready to get going.

Years upon years of paint and wallpaper made the room a nightmare to get ready. We stripped so much but were halted by lining paper that had been painted bright blue (which was one old sticky mess when we tried to take it down).

In the end we decided to do the best we could and then get the room replastered and reboarded in a couple of areas. We also took up the manky carpet and ordered a new one.

Let there be White

As the room was so small (and with a craft room in mind at this point), to maximise the light we painted it brilliant white, with white skirting boards. Immediately the whole thing looked a lot more spacious than it ever did, although being rammed full of old furniture probably didn’t help!

We were going to save a bit and paint the floorboards but in the end we decided that a carpet would be cosier, and now it’s going to be our nursery I’m glad we made that decision.

Decking out the Nursery


With the room done we just had to buy the furniture and bits we needed for the nursery. Or the fun bit!

I think the thing I love the most about our nursery is that it’s simple and will grow with our baby as he gets older.

Here’s a few photos and if you’re wondering where we got anything from, then there’s a list of links below.

Clair-de-Lune-mobile---Beak-Up-Crafts Mr-Bump-shelf---Nursery---Beak-Up-Crafts Friends-in-the-Leaves-Bear---Beak-Up-Crafts You-are-so-Loved---Nursery---Beak-Up-Crafts

A few more details and handmade touches:

Little-Star-Pennant-hung-on-door---Beak-Up-Crafts Bears-in-the-cot---Beak-Up-Crafts Colourful-changing-mat---Beak-Up-Crafts IKEA-drawers-and-changing-mat---Beak-Up-CraftsRob-Ryan-mini-print---nursery-shelf---Beak-Up-CraftsOur changing station is just outside of the nursery and filled with everything needed for a quick change in easy to access baskets. I also love the porcelain dog night light on top which is going to be great for night time changes. We’ve called him Norman and he’s already a firm favourite!

Changing-station-and-dog-nightlight---Beak-Up-Crafts Norman-the-dog-nightlight---Beak-Up-Crafts Changing-station---Beak-Up-Crafts Dog-nightlight---Beak-Up-Crafts

The hospital bags are already packed too – one for me and one for baby. It’s getting so close now!


Quick links:

I hope you enjoyed this room makeover. Have you ever given a room a big facelift? If so which bits did you like the least and love the most about the process?

Lots of nursery love,


My Crafty Workspace


Things have been a bit upside down in our house recently. Since discovering the very happy news that I’m pregnant (hurray!) the small bedroom we had just redecorated in preparation for it becoming my new craft room… is now going to be a nursery! But I have no complaints and we’re really looking forward to getting all the bits and pieces for it.

As a result we’ve been moving furniture around, switching things up and generally been in a bit of a mess in the house as we make way for a whole new chapter. But one good thing to come out of it is that Wayne and I have a desk space again. He’s just started an Open University course so it’s great he has somewhere to sit and study, while I might occasionally use it for craft purposes.

Therefore it was a spooky bit of timing when I was asked to snap a photo of my workspace for a competition run by Pen Heaven to celebrate National Stationery Week (which is next week!).

So here it is, although things tend to come and go! There’s my trusty MacBook, a new candle which I was given for my birthday along with the spiky cactus and the print is by the very talented Lola Hoad.

My-creative-desk---Beak-Up-Crafts Crafty-bits-on-my-desk---Beak-Up-Crafts My-desk-with-crafty-bits--Beak-Up-Crafts Candle-and-cactus---Beak-Up-Crafts Laptop-and-Sharpie-pens---Beak-Up-Crafts

Do you have a desk or do you tend to write/craft in a certain place? I would love to hear where you get busy (as it were!).

Lots of workspace love,





This is my entry to the Pen Heaven Competition: My workstation photo entry


How to: Upcycle a Bureau with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

How to upcycle a bureauI don’t know about you, but when you get into crafting, your wool, yarn and craft-related *stuff* just grows at a ridiculous rate. I mean, who is able to go and look at the haberdashery department of their local department store or to the stall on the market without coming home with an armful of new supplies? Not me, anyway.

I started off with one ball of wool and one crochet hook which was pretty easy to stash away in a corner of the living room. As my love for crochet grew, so did my collection of wool and the little amigurumi animals I made with it.

This called for a solution, not least because my other half was getting a bit fed up with a pile of wool in the corner of the room…

We had an old bureau in the workshop which hadn’t been used for years. All it needed was a bit of TLC and I knew it could be the solution I was looking for.

annie sloan

I did a bit of research, and not being someone with a great deal of patience(!), I decided that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was the way forward, mostly because of the minimal preparation (a quick wipe down and no sanding!) and the vintage look they produce.

Cue a trip to Boathouse Originals in Hull to buy some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Original with a brush and some clear soft wax and I was all set.

All I needed was a sunny day and a free afternoon to breathe a new lease of life into a tired old piece of furniture. I couldn’t be happier with the results (see pic at top of this post!)

What I did:

  1. Carried the old bureau out into the garden and gave it a good clean with a cloth and some warm water.
  2. Dried it all off and removed the drawers.
  3. With an Annie Sloan bristle brush and I did two coats of the chalk paint, letting it dry in between. This didn’t take long in the glorious sunshine! (It was quite tricky getting into all of the nooks and crannies in the inside shelves, though – I won’t lie!)
  4. I then washed the brush thoroughly and used it to paint on one coat of clear wax.
  5. I gave the bureau a good buff with a white cloth and it was done!

The paint went on really easily with no prep other than cleaning the bureau down to get rid of any dust. I’m really pleased with it :)

The bureau is now at home in our front room, which is a dining room/craft room, and stores all of my crafting paraphernalia.

Inside the bureau

And here’s the new bureau in pride of place in our new dining/craft room:

Upcycled craft bureau

So have you been tempted to try and upcycle an old and unloved piece of furniture? I would love to see your pictures.