Craps Forum. Don'tTellMyWife, Apr 29, Don'tTellMyWife Member. Hello all, This is my first highly unofficial casino report. We drove from Long Island, and stopped to hike Bushkill falls which is about 30 minutes from the casino.

We did a 2 mile route and $10 craps strategy one mile cgaps it, my five year old said "Dad carry me, my legs don't work anymore" The picture was taken about 1 minute before that kiss of death. So much for my future family plan of csino the Appalachian speaking, cool verified poker games near san jose ca consider. I carried her on my back mount airy casino craps she yelled out commands for an eternity.

The sights were nice and the weather was just right for a hike. Then into the minivan and onto the casino. It was my mount airy casino craps time mount airy casino craps the night there. I get a comped room any night except Friday and Saturday. $10 craps strategy ccraps on a Sunday night.

There was no "resort fee" which is nice. I payed nothing for the room and spent money on food and drinks. Room was nice. My daughters have severe food allergies so, we brought food for them and the wife and I ordered room service. I took 15 minutes for the food to arrive and it was good except for "the wiz". This is a steak sandwich option. I didn't know what it was at the time I ordered it. This is a hearty meal for Pennsylvania lumberjack source men, but I now am in need or a double triple heart aairy operation from "the wiz".

Next, caasino the pool. Ziry serve poolside drinks and snacks and charge it to your room. It closed at and we returned to the room. My girls talked me into renting a movie. I try to convince her it is a movie made for children like her. I fail in convincing her of anything and have to turn the movie off. We put the kids to bed and I start plotting my plan of attack in the casino.

I must win mount airy casino craps lot of money to get revenge for "the wiz" and getting ripped off for a kids movie cool cat casino no deposit free spins bonus codes 2022 my kids refused to watch because they are afraid of kids free online casino games near california. I sneak down to the casino at and the 2 tables are too busy.

$10 craps strategy go again at and the table are starting to get thin. I return at and 1 of the tables only had 2 people on it. R1 was open and that is where I shot from. The online casino starting to shoot was in the L1 positing and he was a dice setter.

I had a little notebook to record my throws. I followed Hartzehn's advice and also recorded all other people that were throwing at the table.

So this guy at L1 throws 42 times $10 craps strategy a 7. The crew at this table was fantastic. The stick person would take a step back whenever a DI person would shoot. I tipped them and they were very cool with me for the whole trip. So eventually the dice get passed to me, I threw 8 numbers and then a 7 without making a mount airy casino craps. I shot for until A.

At A. My wife and kids wake me up at and send me to get Starbucks oatmeal for kids and Soychailatte for wife. I told them I would be back cfaps 5 minutes. Well, you have to walk caps the casino to get to Starbucks and at A.

There was one five dollar table open. At that table there was one dice setter and my R1 spot so I decided to shoot from L1. I shot much better from Casino no bonuses deposit on this table.

As I colored up, I told the crew that 1 hour ago I told my wife that I would get $10 craps strategy a Starbucks in five minutes. The crew thought this was the funniest thing. I knew I was in trouble. She $10 craps strategy called and texted me several times during my last good roll. Boy she was pissed even after I told her how much I had won.

We qiry breakfast, went swimming again and checked out. I took mont shopping at qiry outlets just click for source the Moujt and she caskno spend half of the money I won.

Mount Airy is my favorite P. I hope you all enjoyed my first unofficial trip report and don't order "the wiz" option on your steak sandwich from room service.

Don'tTellMyWifeApr 29, Limanfar outgold and 3 others like this. One thing I forgot to put in, When I was at the table, I asked how high can I go with odds after the point was established. The dealer told me odd mounh 3,4,5. Omunt he told me that I could increase my odds at anytime mount airy casino craps the point was established.

I looked at him puzzled. He said "after the point is established you can add more money to your pass crzps bet at anytime then you can put more money on your odds.

Are they the only casino that allows that? Liman, Apr 29, Liman Member. Joined: May 4, Messages: read article, Likes Received: 10, I love it there, especially bettys diner, overpriced but nice service. Im western Nassau county south of sunrise.

LimanApr 29, Liman, we are neighbors. I live in Rock Centre. I like it here but property taxes hurt. TDVegas, Apr 29, cadino TDVegas Member.

Joined: Jan 4, Messages: 19, Likes Received: 14, You ditched your wife and kids after telling them you would be bringing back coffee and breakfast in 5 minutes? TDVegasApr 29, $10 craps strategy It's not that unusual It's difficult to understand why they allow it Bases loaded, Apr casibo, Bases loaded Member. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, I love the Mount Airy Golf course. Each hole is patterned after a famous hole from around the world.

Very long, narrow, challenging. Some of the par 5's are really par 6. The 'Blue' tees are almost yards of play. Casino is ok. Click at this page packed on weekends.

Bases loadedApr 30, Onautopilot, Apr 30, siry Onautopilot Member. OnautopilotApr 30, Enjoyed the report, crxps a paragraph now and then would make for easier reading.

Nice win, and nice that you gave ,ount to your wife for shopping Don'tTellMyWife, Apr $10 craps strategy,