Learn more here rules may be customized in order to accomplish your safety goals. After creating your safety bingo rules, you may want to print them and post them safety bingo a visible area. Your employees will check their cards each day xafety begin encouraging one another to work safely in order to keep the game going.

As a result, safety awareness will increase and your safety results should safety bingo. If you have a winning number, circle it or cross it out lightly so continue reading the winning numbers are still visible.

Cards will safety bingo the sole responsibility of the employee. Once the binggo has started, no new cards will be issued with the exception of read article employees. Forms are available from your supervisor or at the HR office. Submissions must be thoughtful and actionable, as determined by management. It is impossible to cover all situations that may arise.

Management will make the final decisions regarding any unforeseen situations. Safety bingo must report all injuries to management for proper treatment. Simply reporting a work injury does not stop the game.

We are committed to ensuring that every employee is free to safety bingo any work injury or illness without fear of retaliation. If you experience retaliation for reporting a work injury or illness safety bingo this immediately to your supervisor dafety our Safety Coordinator. Bring your winning card to the Human Resources Department for verification. You have until the daily number is posted on your next regularly scheduled shift to turn in a winning card.

Use safety bingo free space in the middle and win with five numbers in a row. Ready To Start? Browse our safety bingo kits and products. Shop Now. Previous post.